Dexter: New Blood S1.01 — Out of practice

Dexter: New Blood S1.01
  • We don’t know yet what Harrison knows about Dexter and we don’t know if he, too, has a Dark Passenger, but I’m interested to find out!
  • Dexter returning to his serial killer ways while dating the police chief will certainly complicate things.
  • Also, how is he going to introduce Harrison to Angela? Something also tells me Harrison and Angela’s daughter are going to hook up because they love doing that kind of thing in TV shows.
  • Something weird is going on with that shelter. The missing girls are probably being pulled from there.
  • How will Dexter kill people in such a small town? Or will he go elsewhere to find victims? Or will the rest of the season just be trying not to get caught for Matt’s murder and trying to find the person who is kidnapping those girls?




Writer, TV lover, dog whisperer

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Lizzie Kreitman

Lizzie Kreitman

Writer, TV lover, dog whisperer

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