Dexter: New Blood S1.03 — Blood is the body’s truth

  • I think Curt is the serial killer who is kidnapping and murdering the young girls.
  • He knows that his cabin is close to Dexter’s and he wants to stop the investigation so they don’t find what he is doing.
  • And/or he potentially is suspicious of Dexter and wants to do his own type of vigilante justice? Or something like that.
  • There’s also a true crime podcaster who comes to town and I’m sure she’ll make some trouble for our friends because she will for sure get in the way.
  • We learn a little more about Iris. Seems like she was a Seneca girl who was friends with Angela and then went missing.
  • Harrison calls Dexter, Dad, and Dexter loves it!




Writer, TV lover, dog whisperer

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Lizzie Kreitman

Lizzie Kreitman

Writer, TV lover, dog whisperer

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