Dexter: New Blood S1.09 — Father/son bonding

  • Will Dexter die at the end of the series? If so, will Harrison kill him? Or maybe Angela? The preview for the final episode shows a clip of Dexter getting a mugshot taken, but that could be a dream or a red herring.
  • Will Harrison follow the code or will he become evil like Rudy (Dexter’s brother/the Ice Truck Killer)?
  • If Dexter doesn’t die at the end and they want to continue the show, then Angela, unfortunately, needs to die. She is waaaay too hot on his tail and it seems like she needs to go the way of Doakes and LaGuerta.
  • Are they ever going to do anything with that oil baron? It will be so odd if they never bring him up again, especially since he had that weird interaction with Audrey that time on the side of the road.




Writer, TV lover, dog whisperer

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Lizzie Kreitman

Lizzie Kreitman

Writer, TV lover, dog whisperer

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