Dexter: New Blood S1.09 — Father/son bonding

Spoilers below for Dexter: New Blood S1.09 — The Family Business

Oh baby, another great episode of Dexter! They are really getting down to the wire. Tonight was the penultimate episode of the season, and potentially, the whole miniseries. As of right now, the showrunner is not saying whether or not the series will continue after next week’s finale. More on my predictions for the finale at the end of this post.

In tonight’s episode, Dexter explains to Harrison about his Dark Passenger, but Ghost Deb stops him from telling Harrison that he actually murders his victims. That half-truth lasts until Harrison figures out that Dexter does, of course, kill his victims. Meanwhile, Harrison and Dexter go on a hunt to find proof that Kurt is the Runaway Killer (that’s the serial killer name I gave him because sadly, the Iron Lake Police Department doesn’t do serial killer names like Miami Metro did).

Using the drone that Kurt gave Harrison, they spy a vent on Kurt’s property. When they check it out under the cover of night (Code rule #1: Don’t get caught), they find Kurt’s underground lair where he embalms the women and keeps them in cases. Talk about trophies!

But, Harrison and Dexter aren’t the only ones on a hunt. Angela, with help from Molly’s Bay Harbor Butcher episode, is a way better cop than any of the cops at Miami Metro. She saw that all of the victims of BHB have a needle mark on their neck. Likewise, the drug dealer and drug maker that Dexter attacked and killed in Iron Lake had the same needle marks. The drug dealer even told Angela that Dexter pricked him with a needle.

Angela is extremely wary of Dexter because she is putting the pieces together and not loving the fact that she is dating this serial killer. No wacky Christmas sweaters can stop her from getting the heebie jeebies from Dexter at this time. When she tries to contact Molly, she can’t get through to her. She checks at the Inn and the innkeeper says Molly checked out. However, she left her camera and recorder in the safe, which Molly would never do if she actually checked out of her own volition.

That’s because Molly is…embalmed and in a case underground at Kurt’s! Nooooo! He got her! Poor Molly, a victim of her own obsession with serial killers. Unfortunately, Dexter and Harrison should have called Angela as soon as they saw Molly and the other bodies. But, you know they didn’t. Dexter spilled the beans about killing his victims and basked in Harrison’s admiration.

Harrison seemed excited that Dexter was murdering people and “saving the world.” But, Dexter is worried that it will be too much for Harrison. Harrison seems ok when Dexter kills Kurt, but when he starts chopping up the body, the blood flows onto the floor and Harrison has a PTSD flashback of Trinity killing Rita. Dexter finishes the chopping on his own and then the 2 of them burn the body.

Buuuuut, the body isn’t the only thing that’s burning! While Harrison and Dexter were searching Kurt’s house, Kurt was burning down Dexter’s house and hoping to shoot Harrison and Dexter as they ran out. When Harrison and Dexter return from the furnace, they see the firefighters and police at the house. Audrey forces Angela to let them stay and when they go back to their house, Angela finds an envelope from Kurt in her mailbox. The letter says “Jim killed Matt Caldwell” and includes the titanium from Matt’s leg.

Thoughts for the finale:

  • Will Dexter die at the end of the series? If so, will Harrison kill him? Or maybe Angela? The preview for the final episode shows a clip of Dexter getting a mugshot taken, but that could be a dream or a red herring.

I am extremely excited for the finale but not very hopeful that they will continue the show next season. The showrunner said, “It’s going to be surprising, inevitable and it’s going to blow up the Internet. It is, I personally think, the best thing I’ve written” about the ending of the show. That makes me think it’s going to be something truly wild and it will not be renewed. But, we’ll see!

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Originally published at on January 3, 2022.



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