Yellowjackets S2.05 — We brought it back with us

Lizzie Kreitman
7 min readApr 23, 2023

Spoilers below for Yellowjackets S2.05 — Two Truths and a Lie

Another super strong episode of Yellowjackets! So much is going on and I’m not sure how they are going to wrap it up. They were already renewed for another season, so they don’t need to close every loop, but they will need to close some! Let’s dive in.

The plane crash timeline

Oh boy…literally?

Teen Tai and Van

Van has convinced Tai to start coming to Lottie’s morning prayer circles where they sit in the snow and listen to the trees and each other. According to Van, since Tai has started attending, she hasn’t been sleepwalking. The circle also spends time praying for Shauna’s baby, which Shauna doesn’t love.

Teen Javi

Javi is still refusing to speak to anyone or explain where he has been. The girls are accusing him of stealing the bear meat but he won’t confirm or deny. Then, when the girls are mainly out of the cabin, Coach Ben finds some drawings of tree branches that Javi did. Javi says, “She told me not to come back” and when Ben asks who told him, Javi just says, “My friend.”

Oooook creepy? Was it Lottie telepathically talking to him or another ghost/spirit person? I highly doubt it was a real, live human living in the woods also who would tell him that. This does seem to set up Javi as an upcoming possible meal, though.

Teen Misty

Misty Misty Misty…what a mess. We knew her new friend Crystal was not long for this world since they just introduced her this season, but I didn’t realize that this would be how she went! Crystal draws the card for poop bucket duty and Misty says she’ll help her. As they are walking to the edge of the cliff to dispose of the poop, Crystal suggests they tell secrets. But some secrets are secrets for a reason.

After a variety of secrets, Misty decides to tell Crystal about what happened on the second day they were stranded. If you remember, Misty was finally getting respect from her teammates and so, when she found the plane’s emergency transmitter, she destroyed it. Well, obviously Crystal was extremely angry when she heard that and told Misty she wasn’t her best friend anymore.

Misty freaks out and tells Crystal if she tells anyone on the team, she’ll kill her. Too late though, because Crystal takes a step back from Misty and falls over the edge, poop bucket in hand. Misty climbs down as a huge storm starts and decides to return to the cabin and tell the other girls that she lost Crystal in the storm.

Teen Shauna (and Tai)

When Shauna wakes up to see Lottie whispering to the baby in her belly, she freaks out. Tai tries to calm her down but Shauna storms out of the cabin. Tai follows her to try to calm her down but Shauna is pissed that Tai is on Team Lottie now. As they argue, Shauna starts having contractions and the storm is starting. The snow/wind is definitely connected to the spirits.

Shauna and Tai try to find their way back to the cabin but the snow is relentless. The girls can’t go out and search so they stand on the porch and call Tai’s name. Lottie gets everyone to be quiet and listen to the wind like they do in the circles and then they start chanting to bring their friend home. Tai listens with Shauna and follows their energy until they are found. Score 1 for Team Lottie!

Now, they just need to deliver a baby…but that’s next episode.

The present timeline

Looooots happening in the present.

Shauna (and Callie)

Callie and “Jay” are at the bowling alley. She bets him that if she gets a strike, he has to kiss her. He…is an undercover cop and she is in high school, so after taking a look at her streak of gutter balls, says ok. She somehow gets a strike and then he has to walk it back because apparently the cop handbook is fine with teen drinking but draws the line at making out with minors.

He rejects her and she’s hurt, but he makes up some crap about not wanting to rush into things and she buys it. Sort of. When the check comes and he’s in the bathroom, Callie takes a look and realizes his name is different. She Googles him and yep, he’s a cop.

In the car, Callie realizes she messed up badly. She drops that she found out who her mom was cheating with and it was her dad’s BFF, Randy. Ah Randy. If only Shauna had hooked up with him when they were teens and not Jeff, she and Jackie might still be friends til this day.

When Callie comes home, she tells Jeff and Shauna not to freak out (Shauna does not make any promises) and tells them what happened. Shauna is weirdly impressed (and a little annoyed) and decides to run with it. She tells Callie to tell Jay that Shauna is going to meet Randy tonight so that the cops follow her.

At the motel, Shauna tells Randy to go into the bathroom and jerk off into a condom so it looks convincing. However, Randy is having trouble getting the job done and (without telling Shauna) resorts to just putting lotion into the condom. Randy ruins everything! When the cops check the room after their foray, Jay realizes that they set it up and now Shauna looks even more guilty.


Misty and Walter head out to find the commune and Walter is trying his best to get to know Misty. She’s not really interested because she is determined to find the commune. They do and Misty asks to see Nat. When Nat shows up at the gate, she tells Misty that she’s working on something with Lottie and to fuck off (not in those exact words, but the sentiment is certainly there.

Back in the car, Misty and Walter argue because Walter thinks that Nat told Misty to fuck off and Misty thinks that’s code for “help me.” Misty is also extremely surprised that Lottie is still around. Apparently, she isn’t the best citizen detective out there. Walter is. He accuses Misty of killing Adam and she doesn’t deny it. She just gets out of the car and tells him that they’re done. That night, Misty shows up at the commune and begs to be taken in.

Tai and Van

Van is running a cool, queer video rental store in the age of Netflix, which is to say, people love to love her store but she is not making any money. After chucking a bunch of past due bills, we catch up to the moment from last episode when Tai walks in.

Pretty quickly, Van realizes Tai is bad again. Tai explains that she killed the family dog and sacrificed him in her basement. After taking a shower, Tai finds Oxy in Van’s cabinet but Van claims it was for her mom. After the two of them fall asleep on the couch, Van jumps up to take the Oxy. Sleepwalker Tai wakes up and Van can tell it’s “the other one.” ST says, “This is not where we’re supposed to be” and walks out.

I’m assuming Tai and Van are going to meet up with Nat and Lottie (and now Misty), but who knows!

Nat and Lottie

Nat finally finds time to check out Lottie’s office with the keys she stole. She finds cell phones and personal data for all of the cult followers. Nat brings the information to everyone and the followers say they know and they don’t care. Lottie asks for alone time with Nat because Lottie wants to know what Travis was talking about when he said “She was right” before he died.

Lottie hypnotizes Nat to find out. Nat remembers the last time that she saw Travis, which was at a motel. They were doing drugs and then Nat overdosed. While she was out, she saw the plane crash, except this time, everyone had died. She sees a tall figure with antlers and mesh hanging over them (we’ve seen this figure in the opening credits). Nat said there was something else that was out there with them and it was back. She said, “We brought it back with us,” to Travis the last time she saw him. That was what she was right about!

At the end of the episode, she has her head on Lottie’s knees and they show her as her teenage self. Then, in the shadow, we see the antlers. Does that mean Lottie is the figure with the antlers? It makes sense because she is leading the girls in the plane crash timeline and she is certainly still involved in dark stuff in the present timeline, too!

Final thoughts and comments (all timelines)

  • Ugh Shauna! You didn’t need to do the thing with the condom at all! They could have just not used one for the affair because whatever and then the cops would not have had definitive proof that it was a setup. That was so silly and like I said, Randy ruins everything.
  • Alright, the baby is on the way and I don’t think he will die right away because that would be too easy/not dramatic enough. So, what’s going to happen to him? Will they sacrifice him? Will he die of exposure at some point? Will he survive and then be put up for adoption once they are rescued? I am ready for more information!!!
  • I do not think this is the last we’ll see of Walter. I think he still likes Misty so I guess that would stop him from telling someone what he suspects about Adam’s death, but also, maybe not? Elijah Wood is such a cutie though and I think he’ll be in more episodes.

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